Jacksonville Short Film Showcase Contest Updates

Jacksonville Short Film Showcase

Hello Filmmakers,

How are you dealing with your randomly selected categories? We know many of you were blindsided by this new addition and although we lost a couple of participants, we are happy that the majority of you stuck it out and attempted this outside of your comfort zone. That is part of the fun, after all.

Promotional Content Contest

Due to the high level of participation and the generosity of many donors, we have decided to add a Promotional Content Contest. Anything from a nicely edited trailer, to an epic poster to promote your short film is eligible to win. Get creative!

This prize for this contest is a $15 credit for food and/or drinks at Sun-Ray Cinema, so the night of the screening, your belly will be full of whatever you choose.

Stay tuned for more as we get all the details smoothed out. We greatly appreciate the support in our first ever contest and look forward to the continued growth of this event.

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